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New Edge Level Funded Health Plan

Your healthcare costs are on the rise and you know the culprits – increasing premiums, medical claims costs, and prescription drug costs. The challenge is finding solutions that proactively address those increases

Access to the financial advantages of a level-funded health plan


Admnistered by Key Benefit Administrators (KBA): one of the country’s largest independently owned third party administrators, supporting a wide variety of group benefit plans.

Results-based health management programs that improve employee health


American Health Data Institute (AHDI), the largest and oldest population health database in the country, uses an evidence-based approach to provide an integrated platform for population health management.

ICHRA: Services

Lower rates with preferred risk

Knowledge & transparency

Comprehensive risk management

Lower rates with preferred risk

Risk management brings stability

One monthly bill inclusive of all components

Multiple network options

12/18 stop loss contract


Getting started... a few questions:

1.    Do you have at least 2 employees on your current health plan?

2.    Is your group healthy?

3.    Are you prepared to have your employees fill out enrollment forms and possibly illness specific health questionnaires?

LF getting started

If you answered YES, the following outline the initial quote requirements:

  • General Information

    • Name of employer group and all subsidiaries to be covered

    • Locations (city, state, and zip code) of the employer and all subsidiaries

    • Nature of business – Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) of the employer and all subsidiaries

  • ​Proposed effective date

  • Current insurance carrier

  • Schedule of Benefits (deductible, coinsurance, copays, out of pocket max)

  • Current and/or Renewal Rates

  • Census in Excel document – Census must contain the following information for employees:

    • Employee ID or some sort of unique identifier

    • Date of birth / Age

    • Gender

    • Home zip code

    • Coverage: employee only, employee + child(ren), employee + spouse, family

    • Choice of plan design (if more than one plan)

  • It is also helpful to include on the census:

    • Status: active, retired, COBRA, waiver

    • Full-Time or Part-Time

Schedule a Consultation

LF Schedule a Consultation
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