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Change is on the Horizon: What is a Consulting Administrator?

Change is on the horizon.

The way that employee benefits are being delivered to employers is evolving. It must.

Employers that provide health insurance to their employees are tired of the same story. Being told that they should celebrate a single-digit increase because it wasn’t a double-digit increase. “It’s the trend. There’s nothing we can do about it.”

Paying consultants who always bring the same carriers that have seen their share prices increase by 700% since 2010 while the cost of the premium for a family has gone up by 55% over the same period*.

Long-term solutions and strategies, not just a patch for this year, are the expectation. They want benefits that their employees are happy with and that meet today’s healthcare challenges.

Transparency shouldn’t be taboo. Data-driven decision-making should be the norm.

Employers can’t afford to stay on a path that doesn’t deliver all those things.

New Edge Solutions is bringing change as a Consulting Administrator.

What is a Consulting Administrator?

It starts with representing the products that we administer. We don’t just manage health plans and we don’t just offer health plan strategies. A consulting administrator helps an employer to manage healthcare risk AND can administrate their health plan. Not just one or the other.

A consulting administrator is transparent and manages healthcare risk with innovative solutions to today’s healthcare challenges.

  • Major Medical Insurance

  • Patented chronic disease management and Population Health Solutions

  • Prescription Drug Programs

  • Telemedicine

  • Individual and employer Medicare Solutions

Change is inevitable and in today’s health insurance environment it’s absolutely needed.

Employers don’t need to be stuck with the same carriers who hold all of the cards and they don’t need to accept one-year strategies from consultants whose commissions increase when the insurance costs go up.

As a consulting administrator, New Edge Solutions is embracing and delivering change. We’re excited to help bring more employers towards a better benefits future.

*Kaiser Family Foundation Study-

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