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Direct to Employer Relationships – Why so Advantageous?

Throughout this series, we’ve defined direct-to-employer relationships and why they can be so helpful to employer groups. We have looked at self-funded and level-funded plans and how they coincide with direct-to-employer relationships. Lastly, when an employer has the option to move away from the standard fully insured method of providing healthcare to their employees, why not list the advantages of a DTE?


We have discussed both self-funded and level-funded plans, what they are, and why they might be a good option for an employer group. With that in mind, when an employer elects a DTE plan, they are getting confirmation that they will receive the most competitive rates in the area. They should feel comfortable knowing this is in part due to the reputation Key Benefit Administrators has as one of the largest independently owned third-party administrators. KBA focuses on having a wide variety of group benefit plans, dedicated to reducing healthcare costs while improving health through high-quality cost-effective care.

Stop loss

With self-insured and level-funded plans, an employer can negotiate stop-loss contracts. Stop-loss is a product that provides against catastrophic or unpredictable losses. Employers gain access to the most competitive stop-loss contracts which then allow them to protect themselves from claim expenses.

Results-Based Health Management Programs

Employers have access to an evidence-based approach to provide an integrated platform for population health management. New Edge Solutions uses integrated data analytics and the delivery of health care services to improve health with an eye on quality outcomes.

Provider Access

These relationships are based on finding the largest and best providers and hospitals. Participants have access to high-quality local providers. This includes a wrap network to allow participants to seek care at a provider of their choice.

The mission? Keeping the population healthy at a lower cost. Healthy and happy employees are going to produce. With access to so many advantages, there is no reason not to establish a relationship today.

Do you have questions or want to learn more about New Edge Solutions' relationships alongside some of the best providers in the nation? Visit our website here -

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