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Innovative, Proactive, and Compensating Companion Health Plan

What if your company could provide a plan to employees that compensates them to improve their health while reducing health care costs?

The Proactive Health Management Plan (PHMP) has turned a “what if” into a reality for many US employers.

The PHMP is an innovative plan that supports and compensates employee members for proactive efforts toward improving their health while simultaneously meeting several key employer objectives.

The PHMP can achieve the following employer leadership objectives:

  • PHMP acts as a companion to the employer’s existing benefits package, with no net cost. It does not replace the existing health insurance or any wellness program.

  • PHMP generates a quick return on investment with immediate and maintainable employee healthcare savings.

  • PHMP provides tax advantages as the IRS tax codes, in conjunction with a limited medical plan, leverages FICA tax savings, guaranteeing a return of $324 per year per employee enrolled.

  • PHMP assists with retaining talent by offering much more than a wellness package. The plan offers $0 telemedicine coverage 24/7, motivational coaching, and counseling.

  • PHMP offers cutting-edge metrics through predictive analytics to transform data into actionable intelligence, thus equipping employer leadership to make informed decisions based on accurate analysis of current health and potential risks that may impact members.

There are many employers adopting this innovative, effective, and compensating healthcare plan. The PHMP guarantees that members get the coverage and proactive support needed, while not burdening the organization with exorbitant costs.

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