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More about ICHRA... and why we feel it is the future of healthcare benefits

The ICHRA which we discussed in our last post is slated to be the conduit for health insurance for millions of Americans in the near future. Today we want to outline a few of the reasons why we agree with this notion:

  1. Group health insurance today is not portable, meaning a job change or termination can mean restarting deductibles, changing doctors, and more. The ICHRA provides a portable plan that does not cause these frustrations.

  2. Group health insurance has inevitable rate increases that many employers are faced with "eating" the additional costs. The ICHRA allows employers to set a budget, stick to the budget, and not be forced into obscene rate increases (I recently saw a 70% rate increase in a small employers' MEWA plan).

  3. Employees (slash people in general) want choice. Our healthcare needs, budgets, etc. vary by each person, the ICHRA allows employers to set their contribution (think 401k) and let their employees self-select the plan that best fits their needs.

More reasons to follow in later posts, but at 180 words, this is all for now!

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